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Why AquaQube?

The most efficient water treatment in the market

No installation required

By purifying your own water you are cleaning the environment around you and the planet

Reduction of the environmental impact due to lower consumption of bottled water

Design that will highlight any interior

Comparison of technologies

It is nowadays possible to drink water without any hormones and chemicals? Unfortunately, even bottled water contains these substances, and so the only option is to clean the water directly at home or in the office.

We compared the most widely used technology for you and here are the results:

  Activated Carbon
UV Disinfection Reverse
Efficiency of water purification (hormones, drugs, pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, viruses)
90-95 %
Does not increase water consumption Yes Yes No Yes
Low energy consumption Yes No No Yes
Preserves minerals Yes Yes No Yes
Easy installation Yes No No Yes
Design Yes No No Yes
Active Water Creation No No No Yes
Removal of unwanted substances from nature (hormones, pesticides, chemicals) No No No Yes
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Water cycle in nature

Our human activities such as the use of hormonal contraceptives, antibiotics, antidepressants and other drugs, as well as the use of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture pollute our water resources and the environment. Such polluted water then enters the sewage and then drinking water plants. There, the water passes through the cleaning process, which is very efficient for bacteria and viruses, but does not really work for hormones, pesticides, etc.

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Solutions on the market

Water filtration with activated carbon

Activated carbon is produced from coal, wood or coconut, has a microporous surface and works on the principle of adsorption of undesired substances. The activated carbon is usually enclosed in a filter or a vessel through which the water must somehow overflow.

Activated carbon filter need to be changed quite often, at least every 3-4 weeks. If this exchange is not made, not only that the filtration is not as efficient, but you also accumulate bacteria and viruses in the filter. Instead of cleaning and filtering water, you then rather multiply bacteria and viruses.

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Water purification by means of UV lamp

UV lamp emits ultraviolet radiation of certain wavelengths. This radiation cuts the DNA of bacteria or viruses into several parts, which will destroy them. Removal of inorganic substances occurs on a similar principle.

UV lamp must be installed under a kitchen sink. In addition, you need to make a hole in the sink and install a special kind of faucet that has a much lower flow rate than an ordinary tap. The problem may be the installation itself, for which you need a plumber or a replacement of the lamp itself. It should be changed after approximately 2 000 hours of operation.

The lamp is made of glass, if broken could therefore threaten cuts. It is also necessary to ensure that you or anyone else does not look into the working UV lamp, because the radiation is highly undesirable to the human eye.

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Reverse osmosis water filtration

Reverse osmosis is actually a filter with tiny holes or pores. These holes are so small that only pure H2O molecule passes through. Thus, only distilled water flows through the filter and the other substances remain inside the filter. This brings two major characteristics of reverse osmosis.

The first one is that the reverse osmosis water is distilled, thus devoid of minerals. Such water is undesirable for the human body and it is therefore necessary to buy a second device which will deliver minerals back after the filtration.

The second characteristic relates to the filter itself, respectively to the flushing of the filter, which consumes a lot of water water. Therefore, the water consumption will increase 30-70% due to reverse osmosis.

This device needs to be installed, and again under the sink. A hole must be again made in the sink to accommodate for the special faucet that has a much lower flow rate than ordinary tap. In addition to potential problems with the installation itself, there might be a problem with a lack of space below the kitchen line.

In the event that the filter is ruptured and would thus not fulfilled its function, reverse osmosis cannot recognize that and one will therefore drink unfiltered water without knowing so.

Finally, reverse osmosis does not destroy all undesirable substances and they are flushed back into the environment. Thanks to all this you not only don’t improve environmental quality, but actually contribute to an undesirable phenomenon called densification of water.

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Water purification by means AquaQube

A combination of several technologies is required for really efficient water purification, and AquaQube is here for that. Due to the precise ratio of these technologies AquaQube decomposes undesirable substances to harmless substances, through advanced oxidation process.

No installation required, you simply plug in the device.

The use is simple. Start by pouring water into a bottle, put the bottle into AquaQube and press the button. In 45 seconds the water will be cleaned and naturally pure. Remember that you do not clear the water only for yourself, but also help to improve the quality of the environment right round you.

Cartridge needs to be changed about once every three months.

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