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The AquaQube device

Used for personal water purification. Most often used at home or in the office.

It is an electrical device that is needs be plugged in before use.

Intuitive use

The device is designed so that its design prefigured use. The hallmark is a rotary door which can be moved with one hand.

Handling in three steps

Handling is very fast. Just open the door and insert the bottle, press, and then the water in the bottle can be used.

How it works?


Use of the device is very simple. Fill the prepared bottle or pour water in it and put such filled bottle into the device. Close the protective sliding door and press the button. In 45 seconds naturally pure drinking water is available. You can take the water bottle with you, store it in the refrigerator for later use or use immediately.

Dimensions and other information

The device is subtle size compared to other kitchen appliances.

We put an emphasis on the fact that the device is as low as possible and fit with not only a normal kitchen, but it was also easily accessible and manageable. The advantage of the device is also that looks just standing and used, and in addition to it, you can hide AquaQube bottle you are currently using.

We give you something extra. Two modes.

Drinking water

Naturally pure water without bacteria, viruses, drugs and chemicals.

Active Water

Prolonged freshness of food. Natural and ecological disinfectant.

AquaQube bottle

750 ml / 25.36 oz / 26.40 ounce

Design bottle is available in two versions, the basic plastic BPA-free and glass. Both versions are fully compatible with the AquaQube, but can be used separately. The glass bottle is particularly suitable for water storage at home or on the drive. Plastic version again has the advantage of being light, and therefore suitable for daily use and longer travel.

Bottles are available in several colors.

Design that will highlight any interior

To offer a truly ergonomic and modern design which also fits in with the appearance of the kitchen, we worked with one of the best Czech designers. In our limited edition, now you can get a device AquaQube signed by both founders and designer Andrew.

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Basic AquaQube set

device + cartridge + bottle (plastic)

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AquaQube cartridge



AquaQube bottle


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AquaQube bottle



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AquaQube is available in all three colors on a crowdfunding platform

There are also AquaQube bottles, both basic BPA-free, and a glass version in various colors.