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How it works?

AquaQube utilizes technologies known in the field of industrial water treatment and our innovation. These technologies are modified so that they are suitable for use at home or in the office and their ration is carefully fine-tuned.

AquaQube technology is currently patent pending.

  Activated Carbon
UV Disinfection Reverse
Efficiency of water purification (hormones, drugs, pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, viruses)
90-95 %
Removal of unwanted substances from nature (hormones, pesticides, chemicals) No No No Yes
Preserves minerals Yes Yes No Yes

I want to know more

The device works on the principle of advanced oxidation.

What does it mean in practice?

The device creates on site so-called oxidising agent, in this case OH radicals. OH radicals are very unstable and react to impurities in the water within milliseconds – with the mentioned bacteria, viruses, chemicals … What happens exactly? These unwanted substances in the water are decomposed through the reaction and therefore are no longer active. Subsequently, thus “deactivated” and decomposed matters are caught on a special activated carbon filter, so they do not get into your water in any form, not even disabled.

This allows us to achieve the highest possible water quality.

Individual parts of AquaQube

AquaQube device comprises, besides the outer cover with sliding door and a button also a movable piece. The movable piece is pushed downwards with the press of the button. Thanks to that the movable piece is pressed against the bottle neck. Another essential part of the device is a cartridge, which is located behind the rear cover.


The appliance is designed so that it is compact and reliable, therefore the number of moving parts is reduced to a minimum. This makes the device trouble-free and easy to clean.


Use of the device is very simple. Fill the prepared bottle or pour water in it and put such filled bottle into the device. Close the protective sliding door and press the button. In 45 seconds naturally pure drinking water is available. You can take the water bottle with you, store it in the refrigerator for later use or use immediately.


Drinking water

70% of the human body is water, so much depends on the quality of water we drink.

Do not compromise. Our body has to live with us full marathon of life, not just a sprint.

Water supply

Filling AQ bottle

Pressing the button


Water purification

Drinking water

Female hormones from hormonal contraceptives, antibiotics, antidepressants and other drugs difficult to remove are nowadays unfortunately commonly present in both tap and bottled water.

Pesticides are in water due to the use in agriculture, but also from chemicals used in industry or in household cleaning. Chlorine is omnipresent as it is used to disinfect the water itself.

In addition to that water is from time to time infected by bacteria or viruses. That is caused by a problem in the distribution of drinking water or the overgrowth of these organisms in the water source.

Active water

AquaQube gives you something extra compared to competing solutions.

Water supply

Filling AQ bottle

Pressing the button


Active Water Creation

Active Water

If you want, with AquaQube you can get apart from naturally pure drinking water with a press of a button so called Active Water. Active because there is active oxygen dissolved in the water. Active oxygen reacts within milliseconds with any dirt or bacteria and converts them into harmless substances.

If you use such disinfecting water to rinse fruits, vegetables or meat, you fundamentally extend their freshness and durability. Disinfection of objects (eg. baby bottles, toys) is just as fast – just pour Active Water over the items. Say yes to life without chemicals and use ecological disinfection instead of the traditional one.

Cartridge replacement

It is very easy to replace a cartridge. Just lift off the rear cover, pull out the old cartridge and replace it with a new one. Return the rear cover until it snaps back.

Cartridge needs to be changed about once every three months depending on usage.