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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does it work?

The device works on the principle of advanced oxidation. What does it mean in practice? The device creates on site so-called oxidising agent, in this case OH radicals. OH radicals are very unstable and react to impurities in the water within milliseconds – with the mentioned bacteria, viruses, chemicals… What happens exactly? These unwanted substances in the water are decomposed through the reaction and therefore are no longer active. Subsequently, thus “deactivated” and decomposed matters are caught on a special activated carbon filter, so they do not get into your water in any form, not even disabled. This allows us to achieve the highest possible water quality.

How is it possible that the technology removes unwanted substances such as bacteria and viruses, but does not remove minerals from water?

OH radicals, of course, “cannot recognize” bacteria from minerals, but they have the nice property that they simply do not react and cannot react with minerals. Because of this characteristics (and amazing treatment efficiency), we decided to choose the technology for AquaQube device.

How often do I have to change the cartridge?

The cartridge lasts roughly three months. The device indicates when the cartridge is empty and has to be replaced. The exact period after which you need to change the cartridge varies according to the amount of use of the device.