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AquaQube is an innovative water purification device for homes. It creates naturally pure drinking water and allows people to eventually take control over the quality of their drinking water.

AquaQube efficiently removes hormones, antibiotics and other drugs, as well as pesticides and chemicals. It also removes bacteria and viruses, if somehow get into the water pipes.

AquaQube is especially popular among pregnant women, families or people who care about their health and the environment.

Drinking water

70% of the human body is water, so it very much depends on the quality of water we drink. It should not only be free from bacteria and viruses that can cause immediate illness or infection, but also free from substances that after longer use adversely affect body. Such elements are currently hormones, antibiotics, drugs, pesticides or other chemicals.

Do not compromise. Our body has to live with us full marathon of life, not just a sprint.

Active water

Active water or also water with dissolved active oxygen, is achieved by using advanced physics technologies and prolongs the freshness of fruit, vegetables or meat 2-3 times! It is enough to just pour such water over the food and put it back to a bowl or a fridge. Additionally, this water can also be used as an eco-disinfection instead of chemicals to clean surfaces at home or even hands.


AquaQube is pretty much the only device of its kind that really efficiently solves the problem of water quality and it does not just filter the problem away.

AquaQube removes unwanted substances such as hormones, drugs or chemicals forever and in a natural and ecological way. So you do not improve only your water quality, but you are also cleaning the environment around you.

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