Koupit AquaQube

The Most Efficient Water Purification Device For Homes Was Developed In The Czech Republic

17. 11. 2016
A Czech company developed a device that can eliminate hormones, medicals, pesticides and chemicals from water. It is an innovative solution which uses processes common in nature and therefore, the water is not purified only efficiently, but also ecologically. The device is designated for households.

A company AquaQube from Brno, the Czech Republic developed an innovative water purification device for homes under the technical lead of physicist, Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Jiri Drimal, PhD. The appliance shaped this year. AquaQube does not require any installation, it is only necessary to find a suitable place on the kitchen line and plug it into a socket. AquaQube purifies 750 ml of water with just one press of a button in approx. 45 seconds. It eliminates not only chlorine, bacteria or viruses, but also hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or other chemicals that are currently present in the tap and even bottled water.

In contrast with other solutions, AquaQube has not only higher efficiency in elimination of the unwanted substances mentioned, but is the only device that does not only filter the problem out but truly removes the source of the problem. The appliance thanks to processes common in nature oxidizes the unwanted matters and those are broken down into harmless compounds. Users thus not only clean the water for themselves, but also clean the environment around them.

Unlike so called reverse osmosis technology, AquaQube retains healthy minerals in the water, which means that it is not needed to add minerals after the purification or drink unhealthy distilled water. Moreover, reverse osmosis vastly increases the water consumption as 30-60% of the water is used only for the cleaning of the filter. With AquaQube no water is wasted. The device also has low energy consumption and modern design.

AquaQube is mostly valued by pregnant women, parents and people who care about their health and the environment. It is available from 17th November on Kickstarter:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/423588437/2072700394?token=b67022e3

And the early-bird price is £319 in which you have the device, a cartridge and a design bottle. The device is available in two standard colors: white and black and a premium one – turquoise.

Story About AquaQube

AquaQube was created as a father-daughter project. Tereza and Jiri Drimal cooperated for 8 years in a family business focused on ecological water and air purification in the industrial field. Thanks to their vast experience they knew how to eliminate harmful and unwanted substances such as hormones, medicals or pesticides and convert them with a natural process into harmless substances. They also knew that municipal water purification plants would not offer similar solutions any time soon. 

So how to use this experience and give people an opportunity to have much higher water quality than from the tap? 

When Tereza was entering the final year of Business Studies with Specialism in Marketing at Cass Business School in London, the idea crystallized out into the present form. Thanks to her international experience, she was able to identify in what particularly the customers are interested, how the device should look like or how exactly it should be used or which customers groups are the most attracted by AquaQube

AquaQube is probably the most efficient device worldwide for water purification at homes. It does not require any installation and its use is easy and intuitive. The appliance was developed in the Czech Republic under the technical lead of Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Jiri Drimal, PhD. in cooperation with other experts and scientists. Its characteristic design, which suits into every kitchen, was given by Ing. Ondrej Basler.