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Our story

30. 10. 2016

AquaQube originated as father and daughter project. Tereza and Jiri Drimal had been working together for 8 years in a family business focused on industrial ecological water and air purification. Thanks to their extensive experience they knew how to remove from water harmful and undesirable substances such as hormones, drugs or pesticides and how to convert them naturally into harmless substances. They also knew that a similar solution would not be feasible in the drinking water and waste water treatment plants any time soon.

So how to use this knowledge and give people the opportunity to have their water quality much higher than that which standardly flows from the tap?

At the time when Tereza was starting her final year in Business with specialism in Marketing at City University London, Cass Business School, the idea crystallized into the present form. Thanks to her international experience, she was able to find out what exactly customers would be interested in, how the device should look like, how particularly it should be used or which groups of customers are most interested in AquaQube.

AquaQube is currently probably the most efficient water purification equipment in homes worldwide. It requires no installation and its use is simple and intuitive. AquaQube device was developed in the Czech Republic under the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Jiri Drimal PhD., in cooperation with other Czech scientists and experts. Its distinctive design that fits into every kitchen, gave him Ing. Ondrej Basler.

Tereza Dřímalová, B.Sc. (Hons) is a director of a global company AquaQube, she runs about 6 permanent team members and cooperates with about twenty other professionals. Tereza is in addition to the overall strategy and management of the company in charge of marketing and PR, as well as finance and matters related to human resources. She managed all that by the age of 22 years.